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Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Wesleyan Position on War

Here's an excellent article by renowned Charles Wesley scholar, ST Kimbrough, Jr. The Wesleys were politically conservative and loyal to their king. However, they were adamantly opposed to war. One of their chief objections to war is that the poor always paid the highest price in blood and suffering.

This piece is well worth the time it takes to read it:


Blogger PamBG said...

Steven, this only linked to a GBOD site rather than to the specific article.

If you go to:, you can make your links a lot easier to post.

I'd like to read the article as I'm going to be attending a Mennonite / Methodist conference in November!


11:36 AM

Blogger Steven Manskar said...


Thanks for the tip. I've made the recommended change. You should be able to get to the article now. I hope it's not too late.


7:49 PM

Blogger PamBG said...


Thank you for doing that. I did get the article. Not read it yet, but will download it and save it.

I reminded myself today, in mentally reviewing history whilst writing a sermon on "All can be saved", that the Puritans believed that being prosperous was a sign of election and that being poor was a sign of being damned.

To object to war on the basis that the poor paid the heaviest price is a pretty radical position when most of society would have seen them as legitimate canon-fodder.

4:44 PM


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